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Drug Rehab

Ontario drug rehabThere are approximately 13 million people in Ontario, which accounts for more than one third of the entire nation's total population. Statistically, this means that there are well over one hundred thousand people suffering from substance abuse issues in Ontario who are in need of effective drug rehab programs, and only a small percentage of them receive any help at all. Of the limited number of beds available in Ontario for residential rehabilitation programs, how do you know which ones will work?

We can help you find a successful drug rehab for someone from Ontario.

Information on youth in Canada gives a glimpse of the current scene as well as the future needs for drug reahilitation in Ontario. Among youth, cannabis was the most frequently reported drug used during one's lifetime (61.4%), followed by hallucinogens (16.4%), then cocaine (12.5%), ecstasy (11.9%), speed (9.8%) and inhalants (1.8%). The lifetime use of each of inhalants, heroin, steroids and drugs by injection was about 1%.

In their lifetime, 37.9% of youth reported using no illicit drug (excluding steroids and inhalants), 38.0% reported using cannabis only, 23.7% reported using some other illicit drug in addition to cannabis and only 0.4% reported using some other illicit drug only.

32.5% of youth reported having been a passenger with someone under the influence of alcohol, and 39.6% reported doing so with someone under the influence of cannabis in the past 12 months.

People in Ontario with a university degree (81.9%) were less likely than those with less than a high school education (87.2%) to have perceived the problem as serious. Type of lifetime user influenced perception, with a difference emerging between those who were at-least-cannabis users (82.3%) and those who were alcohol-only users (91.2%).

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