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drug addictionThere are close to 20,000 drug rehab programs and addiction treatment centers in North America. At least two-thirds of those are in the United States and the rest are in Canada. Unfortunately, most of the programs are either outpatient, or use replacement drugs as a form of therapy. None of these methods have a very high success rate.

We encourage inpatient rehabilitation that uses a drug-free bio-physical method.

Having a drug-free program is very important. The latest addiction treatment fads of writing prescriptions to addicts has no proven results and are actually harmful by our observations.

Getting someone hooked on one drug in place of another is not effective rehab help. This includes substituting methadone for heroin (or any long-term opioid maintenance drug), giving anti-psychotics to meth users or anti-depressants to alcoholics.

Crave Life-Drug Free networks with bio-physical programs that don't view addiction as a chronic and progressive disease that must be treated throughout one's life, but as a condition that can be treated and cured, producing strong and capable individuals that live responsible and productive lives.

Bio-physical programs recognize the fact that drug addiction usually has two main components. There is the physical dependency and cravings for the drugs as well as the mental/emotional need for them. These programs address and handle both aspects of the addiction.

While drugs and their metabolites quickly become undetectable in blood and urine, some as rapidly as three days after last usage, drug metabolites remain stored in fatty tissues for years. The accumulated drug residues which continue to cause drug cravings, a factor in relapse, led researchers to develop a program aimed at reducing levels of toxins in the body to assist in recovery.

A bio-physical program uses a sauna-driven, body cleansing process that helps to remove the toxic residues of the drugs from the body. This enables the person to once again have a clean body and a clear mind that allows them to address the underlying causes for taking drugs. The cravings for the drug, that once kept the individual trapped in their addiction, are virtually non-existent after completing this part of the program.

Once someone is capable of getting to the root cause of their addiction it is vital to identify alternative solutions to life's problems to help avoid relapse. This is done through the educational and life skill courses that make up the second part of the program along with active follow-up and a thorough discharge and re-entry plan.

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