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Drug Rehab

There are approximately 910,000 people in the State of Montana, leaving many tens of thousands of substance abusers looking for effective drug rehab help. There are about 55 drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment centers in Idaho serving clients for alcohol and/or drug abuse problems. During 2005, there were 8,147 admissions to drug and alcohol rehabs in Montana.

From 1995-2004, the most frequent offense for Montana female offenders was drug possession. Among male offenders, the most frequent offense was theft. Drug possession was second among male offenders. During 2005, 35.8% of the Federally sentenced defendants in Montana had committed a drug offense. Approximately 67.8% (97) of the drug offenses involved methamphetamine.

The majority of methamphetamine in Montana is trafficked by Mexican national groups. Additionally, numerous small-scale local laboratory operators produce moderate quantities of methamphetamine for personal use or local distribution. During 2005, the DEA and state and local authorities in Montana reported 25 methamphetamine lab seizures.

During 2005, 518 cultivated marijuana plants were eradicated in Montana under the DEA's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program. and approximately 211 kilograms of marijuana were seized by Federal agencies.

According to 2003-2004 data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), approximately 75,000 (9.7%) of Montana citizens (ages 12 or older) reported past month use of an illicit drug, while 23,000 (2.98%) Montana citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year. Approximately 14,000 (1.85%) reported past year illicit drug dependence.

Approximately 21,000 (2.73%) Montana citizens reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use within the past year.

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